Michele Becker

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Hello, my name is Michele Becker. What a wonderful opportunity it is to coach for Heritage FSC!  I grew up in Milwaukee, WI with my brother and sister.  My husband, Bob, son, Chris, dog, Maggie and I currently live in Eden Prairie.  
I started skating at the age of 13 focusing on figures and freestyle, and passed my sixth test figures and novice freestyle at the age of 25.  I started ice dancing in my early 20’s and eventually passed two of the gold dances.  Recently, I have been testing the moves in the field and am currently working on the Junior moves.   I began coaching for the Greater Milwaukee FSC and Wisconsin figure skating clubs in the mid 1980’s.  I moved to the twin cities area in 1995 and have coached for the Owatonna FSC, Tri County FSC, Farmington Skate School, and Shakopee Skate School.  Currently, I coach for the Owatonna FSC, and the Heritage Figure Skating Club, as well as the Farmington Learn to Skate Program.   I am a member of the PSA and regularly attend clinics and seminars, including the 2015 PSA conference, to help me stay current with new skating techniques and help my students be the best skaters they can be. 


  • Member of United States Figure Skating Association
  • Member of Professional Skaters Association
  • Learn to skate instructor
  • Concussion Management completion and Concussion in Youth Sports Training certified
  • Professional Skating Association CER certified
  • Basic Accreditation Rated
  • Registered Moves in the Field Rated


When not at the rink, I enjoy reading, sewing, or going to the gym. I also enjoy being outside. I have always loved skating and hope to pass my love for the sport onto my students. I believe that students should work hard at achieving their goals while enjoying what they do. Many life lessons are learned on the ice. 

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